Check The Boiler Pressure

Boilers can be incredibly costly to repair and replace, so ensuring it’s working just right can help keep your heating bills and your family’s health safe. To circulate hot water around your system, your boiler must be at the correct pressure. If your pressure is too low, then water won’t be able to circulate through your radiators quick enough.

If you have too much pressure, the water will go through your radiators too quickly and could turn off. Your boiler should be between 1 and 2 bar. If the pressure is too high or too low, you can adjust it yourself. Check your boiler manufacturer’s website to find out how to change yours.

With the help of Beckett’s Plumbing & Heating, we’re here to help discuss 8 of the most effective ways to maintain your boiler.

Check If The Boiler Flame Is Blue

Boilers should always burn with a blue flame. If the flame is orange or yellow, it is mixed with the oxygen in the air. If the flame is mixing with the air, that could mean a carbon monoxide leak. If you think there could be a leak, contact a Gas Safe engineer.

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Make Sure The Boiler Is Well Ventilated

Boilers need a bit of space to do their job and ventilate air. Things like coats and other things you might shove in the cupboard can stop the boiler from working efficiently. A boiler needs at least 700mm between the boiler and whatever else you have in there or the closest wall.

Bleed Your Radiators Once A Year

Air can become trapped in your pipes stopping radiators from heating up. So once a year, you should bleed your radiators, releasing that air and keeping the cost of your heating bill down. To bleed your radiators, all you have to do is adjust the radiator valves. Sometimes people will paint over radiator valves, making them difficult to adjust. If someone has painted over your radiator valve, you just need to use a bit of force and a little WD40 to loosen that valve.  If that valve is still being stubborn, a Gas Safe Engineer should be able to help you.

Check Your Radiator For Any Problems

Sometimes dirt and debris can build up in your system, leading to problems like only the top half of your radiator heating up while the bottom half stays cold.  These kinds of problems make it harder to heat your home and increase your heating bill.  If this does happen, contact an engineer who can perform a power flush

A power flush flushes out your system of any dirt and debris and gets your system working well again.

Insulate Your Pipes

In the winter, you must ensure your pipes are adequately insulated. Frozen pipes can damage your boiler.  A boiler breakdown when it’s cold out is terrible for everyone. To insulate your external pipes, you can buy easy-to-use insulating or “lagging” from a DIY shop.

Check The Pipes For Leaks

When insulating your external pipes, you can check for leaks. If you notice the external pipe is dripping water, this could mean that it’s not working correctly, and you might need to call an engineer.

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Get The Boiler Serviced Every Year

Keeping your boiler working at its best for longer means getting it serviced. Getting your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe Engineer ensures the manufacturer’s warranty protects the boiler. The engineer checks that all the elements are in working order and identifies minor issues before they worsen. If they do spot something, or you do, don’t try to repair the boiler yourself.

Gas Safe registered heating engineers are the only people legally allowed to work with gas appliances. Check an engineer’s Gas Safe ID before they work on your boiler. If mishandled, it could have lethal consequences like fire, explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning.

For Boiler Maintenance Tips, Call Beckett’s Plumbing & Heating

Boilers are essential to your home. Boilers are a source of heat on those cold nights, but if they break down, they can be expensive to replace and damage your family’s health. Even if the boiler takes a little longer to heat up, that can damage your wallet by increasing your heating bill.

So take care of your boiler in these simple ways, save money in the long run, and protect your family. If you have found this article helpful, have any questions, want to discuss boiler installation or servicing, or want to learn more about Beckett’s Plumbing & Heating, please contact us today.