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Regular Boiler Maintenance Helps Keep Your Costs Down

Notably, we should also point out that, in many cases, boiler maintenance is vital to prevent further damage from being done to the system. In all too many cases, unresolved issues can rapidly become more prominent and significant with time. 

With this in mind, regular boiler maintenance can help identify and fix potential boiler issues before they become a bigger problem; without this, you may find that your boiler repair bills are much more significant. Depending on the scale of the issue, you may even need to pay out for a brand new boiler.

Why is Regular Boiler Maintenance Important?

Before we can begin looking at some of the most common reasons why boiler engineers are called out, we need to start by considering why regular boiler maintenance is essential in the first place. Indeed, keeping your boilers working efficiently and effectively is vital. After all, many of us rely heavily on our home and commercial properties’ boilers in this day and age to ensure that we’ve got plenty of hot water available. 

However, when boilers go down, you might find that your hot water supply is drastically affected. Sometimes, water heating might be uneven, leaving your water tepid at best. 

At other times, your boiler might be inconsistent, leaving you struggling to tell whether or not there’ll be any hot water for your washing needs. We all know the pain of dipping a toe into the shower to test whether the water is hot or cold; however, when your boilers go down or begin working ineffectively, the chances of the water being cold are drastically higher.

10 Common Reasons Why Boiler Engineers are Called Out

At this point, we have briefly summarised some of the critical things you need to know about boiler maintenance and getting support from a professional team of boiler engineers. However, what are some of the most common reasons for boiler engineers to be called out to properties in Southampton? We’ve summarised some of the ten top picks for reasons people call out boiler engineers to their property as follows; you might find that some of these reasons apply to you, as well.

#1 Brand New Boiler Installation

One of the most common reasons that many people call out boiler engineers to their properties in Southampton is simple: for new boiler installation. Indeed, even today, many homes and commercial properties still use outdated, old boiler systems. Not only can these be inefficient, but they’re often more prone to getting damaged and broken.

With this in mind, upgrading your boiler to a new system is often a precious and cost-effective investment for your property. By upgrading to a newer boiler with help from our professional boiler installations teams in Southampton, you can ensure that your heating bills are lower thanks to improved efficiency overall. 

As such, this can often be a precious solution for many properties to consider – and is undeniably one of the most common reasons people opt for support from professional boiler engineers. Boiler engineers can quickly and efficiently install your new boiler system, allowing you to get on with your day relatively quickly overall.

Repair of a gas boiler
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#2 Leaking Water Supply

Another common reason people get support from their local, professional boiler engineers is that their boiler is leaking. Indeed, a leaking boiler can be incredibly damaging, not only for the boiler itself but also for the property’s structural integrity.

If you notice that your property’s boiler might be leaking, we highly recommend you start by turning off the water supply to stop any further damage being done to the property or the system. What’s more, even if you can identify the source of the leak, you should never attempt to repair this issue yourself; doing so could cause more damage. Instead, we highly recommend that you get support at the first possible opportunity from your local, professional boiler engineers.

#3 Cold Water Supply

Your boiler is there to ensure that you’ve got plenty of hot water supply to your home. However, it can be just disruptive to have an issue with your cold water supply.  Naturally, a lack of a cold water supply can be incredibly frustrating and will also result in so hot water either. With this in mind, you should consider the different opportunities available to you to get the issue fixed – and reaching out to a professional boiler engineer is naturally one of the best solutions. 

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t attempt to diagnose the issue yourself to help make your engineer’s job a little easier; however, any repair work must be completed by a professional.

Leaking Pipes

#4 Cold Radiators

Have you noticed that your radiator systems are cold and not heating up properly? This issue could simply result from needing to bleed air out of the radiator in many cases. However, if this doesn’t fix the issue, the problem might instead relate to your boiler system, which may need more professional support to fix instead.

#5 Low-Pressure

Low boiler pressure is common in many properties and is relatively easy to monitor, thanks to the boiler’s pressure gauge. Normally, your boiler pressure should fall between 1 and 2 bars; if the pressure falls below 1, this may prevent your central heating systems from working. With this in mind, we highly recommend that you keep a close eye on your boiler pressure wherever possible – and, if you notice an issue, you may be able to get support. 

However, low boiler pressure is simply the result of age in many cases. With this in mind, you may need to replace your boiler system instead; luckily, your local boiler installations teams in Southampton will be able to help with this goal.

#6 Rumbling Noises from the Boiler

We all expect our boilers to make a little noise – but if you notice your boiler has begun to make a “rumbling” noise, this is a severe sign of damage to the boiler. Indeed, many people report issues with their property’s boilers sounding like boiling kettles, which could represent an extreme risk. 

Usually, the boiler’s leading cause for rumbling noises is limescale or sludge buildup. Fortunately, this issue is often relatively simple to fix with support from professional boiler engineers, who can flush the system to clean off any debris buildup in the boiler overall.

Other common issues you might notice from your boiler could include whistling, banging, buzzing, clanking, and humming. All of these noises, if louder than you might typically expect, will likely represent an issue with your boiler – and as such, you may be able to repair the issue before it becomes more of a problem by reaching out to your professional boiler engineers for support.

Low Water Pressure

#7 Thermostat Doesn’t Pair With The Boiler System

Smart thermostats offer new opportunities for individuals to heat their homes and water supplies. However, if you notice that your thermostat and boiler aren’t pairing when changed, you may need an expert engineer’s advice to find the most effective solution. Luckily, this is often an easy issue to fix overall.

#8 Inefficient Heating

If you notice that your boiler is taking longer than usual to heat up your home, you may need expert support to identify where the issues lie. Indeed, inefficient heating may indicate further complications with your boiler systems; alternatively, this might be the result of old for your boiler. 

As such, we highly recommend you call out your local Southampton engineer to find a suitable solution if you notice your boiler is becoming less reliable over time.

#9 Boiler is Turning Off

If you have noticed that your boiler seems to keep switching itself off, this is often a sign of further issues, such as having too much air in the system. As such, to ensure the problems are correctly diagnosed and repaired, getting professional support from an expert boiler engineer may be necessary.

Boiler Maintenance

#10 Regular Maintenance

We have already summarised that regular boiler maintenance is vital earlier in this article. However, this is also a common reason to call out professional boiler engineers. As a result, a growing number of people are choosing more regular maintenance services to keep their boilers running effectively and efficiently.

Your local engineer should be able to notice any early signs of damage to your property’s boiler systems, allowing them to implement the most effective repair solutions to keep everything working smoothly. Please don’t leave this to chance for your property; make the right choice instead with support from professional boiler engineers support instead.

Do You Need a Professional Boiler Engineer?

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